What Twitter Says About Your Relationships, Part 1




INFP is behavior. Behavior is self-similar. In other words, how you do anything is how you do everything. This applies to Twitter.

Since Twitter is a communication platform, I think INFPs believe their objective on Twitter is to share information. If you’re an INFP who thinks the end goal of Twitter is the act of sharing, you’ll soon be bored and quit.

INFPs in 3D interaction don’t share information to strangers as a goal. We don’t tell the guy who takes our money for gas that we write poetry. We don’t tell the hostess that seats us at a restaurant what we ate this morning. So why do we do this on Twitter?

Because Twitter allows INFPs a platform to form relationships.

INFPs are all about relationships. INFPs on Twitter are looking for connection. Otherwise what’s the point of telling someone that you got a new job, unless you’re looking to connect with someone kind enough to say congratulations. Twitter is a microcosm of relationships being created and dissolved at internet speed all with a click of Follow or Unfollow.

Our behavior on Twitter is quite telling of our relationships if you choose to pay attention.

The Vague Tweeter

Tweet: I’m not sure what my problem is today.

In any healthy relationship, good communication is the key. Vague tweets don’t communicate anything because there’s no context.

Vague Tweeters are the reserved ones who believe that being mysterious offsets being shy. They wait for others to initiate new relationships. Being mysterious is their defense mechanism. It’s also just another hoop that strangers have to jump through in order to get to know the “real” them.

In away-from-keyboard relationships, Vague Tweeters don’t realize that maybe the other person just doesn’t get it and never will. This is what kills most Vague Tweeter relationships where the INFP thinks their significant other doesn’t see there’s a problem when it should be obvious. Since that significant other doesn’t even recognize the problem that must mean the significant other never really understood them in the first place. So the Vague Tweeter ends the relationships. Luckily unfollows are much less complicated than break-ups.

The Esoteric Tweeter

Tweet: Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Of course, no attribute to Ferris Bueller’s Day off anywhere in the tweet. It’s the lack of attribution that’s the key. INFPs use esoteric tweets ars testers and anyone who gets it, passed the test for potential follow or at least a stay from being unfollowed.

Esoteric Tweeters in daily life feel that the kiss-a-lot-of-frogs approach to relationships is for suckers. So they test people for potential relationship material. It could be references to little known indie flicks that have personal meaning. The thought behind this is that if another has seen the movie and liked it enough to remember the reference then this person is someone that shares similar sensibilities and a candidate for potential friendship.

Or that person could just have an excellent memory for pop culture trivia. This isn’t usually a one time occurrence. Esoteric Tweeters will test in various areas important to them to get a sense of that person overall.

What surprises Esoteric Tweeter is that when the other person passes their tests, that person chooses to go their own way anyway. The Esoteric Tweeter is wondering how someone can walk away from all the clear signals for compatibility after they’ve passed with flying colors.

Assume that the other person knows they’re being tested. No one likes it. It’s impolite. Most of all, testing is complicated and time-consuming. If someone had to choose between a relationship that’s easy or complicated, which do you think they’ll choose?


Part 2: Common Interest Tweeter, Reciprocal Tweeter, Relationships being with you

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2 Responses to “What Twitter Says About Your Relationships, Part 1”

  1. Sue London

    Jan 28, 2010

    6:27 pm

    But you’re the only one that I “talk” to on Twitter.


  2. Trish Scott - LillyotheField

    Feb 11, 2010

    10:05 am

    Well I learned something. Yesterday I unfollowed someone because of non attribution. Didn’t know it was a test, just don’t like it when someone makes a quote appear to be their own idea. Either way, worth an unfollow 🙂 Fun and insightful posts!


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