Thank you for commenting

Hello my fellow INFP,

Thank you for leaving your first comment.  I’ve always believed that the comments are more important than the post because they promote conversation.

It’s in the comments that I learn about you and what you think. It’s in the comments where other people realize that they’re not just reading the ramblings of a lone nut. We see the commonality where a person will say, wow, I never realized I wasn’t the only one.

Hopefully, you love being an INFP. And though I often put a magnifying glass to our less than useful behaviors, I love being an INFP. I find that the INFP personal quest to be our best selves as something special that we give back to the universe. We are lead by example people. We prefer to inspire instead of command.

For that reason, I try to avoid telling other INFP to do this or that in this blog. I can only tell you what’s worked for me and what I’ve observed going through my life as INFP. I hope you read the other posts and share with me your thoughts and experiences in the comments. I try to post one article a week, but being INFP, when during the week tends to vary. I hope you keep reading.

Thank you again.