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Measuring Your Growth


Growth is one of the 6 Critical Needs. Certainty, Uncertainty, Significance and Connection are needed for basic survival. But fulfillment requires Growth and Contribution. Everyone tries in some way to take action that betters their lives. These actions make us grow whether it’s finding a better job or meeting that person we always wanted to meet. We take classes and seminars. We read books. But sometimes, it seems that no matter how much effort we expend, we don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

That’s because we measure growth with 3 different measuring sticks and when you apply the wrong measuring stick to the endeavor in which you’re trying to grow, you feel stuck.

3 Ways We Measure Growth

More. Sooner. Easier.

If you ask most people whether they want more of the good things in their lives or less. They would choose more.

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Fulfilling our needs

I’ve never been a fan of Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs because I never saw people moving from Physiological needs to Self-Actualization in any type of linear progression. We jump around. Sometimes love is more important than eating. Sometimes people forgo love completely for esteem through achievement.

Instead, I prefer Tony Robbins definition of the six basic human needs.

Certainty – This is our need to be free from constant worry. In order to achieve this we develop a certain amount of consistency like getting a job or buying a house. We don’t want to worry everyday about how we’re going to eat or where we can sleep safely.

Uncertainty – This is our need for variety. If we knew everything that was ever going to happen in our lives then our lives would be boring.

Critical Significance – This is our need to feel special. Some people make a lot of money to feel significant. Other people get a lot of tattoos. It’s different for everyone.

Love and Connection – This is our need for belonging. We don’t want to feel like we’re all alone inside our heads and our lives.

Growth – This is our need to avoid stagnation. Our lives never reach equilibrium. We are either growing or dying. If we stay at the same point in our lives for long enough, our level of happiness declines.

Contribution – This is our need to feel our lives are more than just ourselves. We don’t want to die feeling like our lives made no difference to anyone.

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