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Social Networking

As an INFP, I don’t think the feeling of not fitting ever goes away. It’s nice to interact with other INFPs. This is where I go.


INFP Blog’s Twitter list

I keep a lists of INFPs on Twitter. Currently there are two lists of all the INFPs since they Twitter lists max out at 500.

Twitter – INFP List 1
Twitter – INFP List 2

Those are the full list of every INFP I’ve found on Twitter. I follow these lists in order to get the jist of all the variations of INFP personalities out there. The best way to use the list is to look through the tweets and pick and choose someone that you find interesting. Be selective. If you want conversation, check to see if that person replies. You will not relate with every INFPs. My INFP full lists are meant only be the starting point to help you find INFPs you can relate to.

Personality Cafe – INFP Forum

I comment on Personality Cafe daily. New posts appear on a daily basis. Replies are very frequent. Personality cafe is monitored so I’ve encountered zero spam. Also you have to post 10 times before you get to post links so that keeps the spam down.

Things I like:

  • I can see who last saw my profile.
  • Forum is very active.
  • No flame wars so far. (Knock on wood)
  • Huge variety in personality of membership which translates to a variety in post subjects.

Facebook Group – INFP

This is the other group I visit daily. I don’t think the posts are as varied. Comments happen daily, but new posts don’t happen that much which is good because threads tend to stick around until it’s fully covered. I would say there’s a couple of dozen regulars that rotate in and out. Some comment for awhile and then they get bored and leave to be replaced by the next group. All the posts happen in under the “Discussion” tab.

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