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I follow the Pareto principle also known as the 20/80 Rule. It states 80% of effects comes from 20% of causes. In other words 80% of sales comes from 20% of clients. 80% of your feeling of happiness and fulfillment comes from 20% of your activities. 80% of the useful INFP resources on the web comes from 20% of the sites.

This is my 20%:

“Why This Book” Review

I don’t just want to recommend books. I want to tell you why these books can be helpful to an INFP personality. Read my review of the book and see if any of these books can help you like they’ve helped me. See the reviews.

Social Networking

I like talking to other INFPs. I always have. This is my list of places that I visit online when I want to connect to other INFPs. See the list.

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